Jul 19, 2013


Hey guys so I just got my wedding pics back!!!! And I wanted to post them all but there are sooooo many that I decided to break it up into sections. So I made a Kizerian wedding magazine and added the 7 topics that I want to showcase in my wedding. I am so excited, I love weddings. I am currently designing 3 wedding invitations for friends and family and I think I am completely converted to doing weddings for life. If you ever have any questions or need details or cheap ways to do cool stuff. Just ask me, I'm the wedding advisor. hahaha Anyway the next 6 posts will be wedding posts so hopefully you don't get sick of it. Peace, love and weddings.


I wanted to start with the Temple because that was by far the best part of the day. It was so peaceful and special with all my friends and family around me. I felt completely confident and ready to marry Tyler Michael Kizerian. As we prepared for the ceremony I couldn't help but reflect on all the times I had prayed and wished for a good worthy husband and the time finally came, and this was it! I cried two times that day, once with my mom in the brides room, and one with Shawnee Hopkin because I just felt so much love for her.

The pictures at the Temple were great. Opening the doors to see all the family and friends waiting was so fun. I felt like everyone I wanted to be part of the day was.

Dress: Shawna Shauers
Flowers: Shawnee Hopkin
Centerpiece Florals: Janalyn Kofford
Makeup: Lindsay West
Hair color & cut: Kim Taylor

OTHER WEDDING STUFF:  Bridal Pictures     Bridal Video     Engagement Pictures

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  1. Ahhh those are amazing!!!!!!!! Love the magazine, the don't reminds me of pottery barn. Your pics are gorgeous and it all looks just amazing! Love you and can't wait to see you!


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