Mar 30, 2014


Check out my new blogggg! I am so happy to have everything under one roof. I am still working on getting my portfolio up on my site but my blog is up and ready to go! Follow me on bloglovin and you can see all the new updates!


Mar 13, 2014

My new site

Hey everyone, the site is currently down because I am preparing for my new website. I am so excited to have my music, blog and portfolio all in one place! I am hoping it will be ready to launch next week. Hold tight, there is so much more coming you will love it!

Feb 14, 2014


Well…I'm a bit late on these but I thought I would post em anyway. Just messing around with some simple designs and a bit of glitter. My husband is gone for the rest of the week so I am left to fend for myself. Its our first V- Day married. I am finding that distance does make the heart grow fonder. I miss his a ton, I hope while I am designing cute things he is loving his life in California going to a blogging convention and chillin with his fam.  #thegoodlife Happy Valentines Day!!!

Feb 13, 2014


It's here! It's finally here. I am so happy to finally get our video and be able to post it. Nate Pickett Films did such a great job and was so easy to work with. He has such awesome creativity in his videos and adds a unique touch. It is a 10 min video split into 3 sections, the first is a short of the day, the second is just the temple and the last is the reception. It was so much fun, every time I watch it I cry. I love my husby so much, he was the best decision I ever made:) I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Jan 30, 2014


So I have been a terrible blogger because I am trying to redesign my entire blog and portfolio and its consuming my life! I have also been doing a ton of freelance and I am really excited to post all of my new stuff. Its a big variety but that is what is so fun about it.

I have decided to do a bunch of everyday cards and tags to sell on etsy. I have been noticing the current trends and am incorporating my observations into some of my designs. Tropical, being one of them. I am using a pineapple for some of my main designs. Here is a little sneak.
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