Jul 18, 2013


Recently I have found out that my sister has a bully she has never met. Hearing all the crazy, terrible things this person has done to try and destroy my sisters life not only freaks me out but makes me feel so sad. Most of you know my sister is Megan Baines from the blog holymolymeohmy.com. She has had a whirlwind of a life (going through cancer) and ended up in Canada with a wonderful husband and beautiful little son. She is a strong person and has handled the situation with self control and a bit of grace.

This bully has targeted my sister in making public announcements of her past as well as false claims and hurtful words. The time she has put into finding any possible things to hurt her has become obsessive. Seeing this has helped me understand that bullying comes not so much from hating the other person but more from the individuals insecurities.

This made me think of women in general. We all struggle with self esteem and feeling important. We all need others to lift us up and help us feel good about ourselves sometimes but the thing we forget is that God is there and he always loves us and thinks we are important and special. He wants us to be happy and therefore he gives us the opportunity to turn to him in times of need. I hope this girl understands that she is good just the way she is and that pushing people down will not bring you up.

I have attached a letter that my cousin wrote about the situation. Over 1000 people have seen the letter and the problem of  bullying is being spread so quickly. My sister is a great example of forgiveness and I am so grateful for her and her strength. If anyone you know or you are being bullied please contact talkr.co . They have awesome people ready to listen and give advice.

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