Jul 22, 2013



So I am a graphic designer and so I had to do as much printed stuff as I could. The problem was I had no inspiration for my invitation. It took me up until the night before they needed to be printed to figure out what I wanted. I wanted simple, 1920's design and our monogram. I letter pressed it and used blush metalic ink and I turned out pretty good even though I the ink didn't look right. I wasn't able to get a proof because the printer took so long. I went to mandate press and they had pretty good pricing but I felt like they were hard to work with and maybe over booked themselves. Anyway alls well that ends well.

I came up with a list of several things I used at my wedding. 

- Invitation
- Mr. Mrs. signs
- Advice cards/sign in cards
- Table tags
- Menus
- Custom monogram stamp

Almost all of the other printed pieces were printed on cream pearl paper ordered in stacks of 100 pages. I also designed some custom stamps and used one to seal the envelope and one with our address. I just bought gold ink and it was perfect.

Here are some pics of the stuff I did and I wanted to give you a free Mr. & Mrs. Printable that I designed for the back of our chairs.


Locations: The Villa Receptions 
Invitation Design: Kirsten Kizerian  and the crappy photography was done by me.

OTHER WEDDING STUFF:  Bridal Pictures     Bridal Video     Engagement Pictures

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