I have been loving my flats lately and since winter is kicking in I am a little worried about getting into the no color habit like we all do in the winter. If its black and baggy then we put it on. I found some comfy and bright stuff for this november to help me keep the spice in my wardrobe.

suit, flats, trousers, earrings
Love me some summer fashion.


Hello sistas. Its been a long time since I blogged about fashion, probably because I almost abandoned it while doing wedding plans but now there are so many things I want. Good thing my birthday is coming up. Lately I have been trying to wear really bright colors because I want to take advantage of all the fun florals and shades in style this summer. Here are some cute things I put together. Enjoy!

I loved this fun bold mix of color and pattern. The neon brings a great pop and is definitely eye catching no matter where you are. I added animal print shoes to add some neutrals but still be funky. The bag sums everything up with another solid but of different textures and fabrics. Good for a fancy winter party or sprint fling!

Fun colors today for fashion. I am loving navy with this hot orange, it is so fun, especially during dark winter when people get a little bogged down with black, its staying fresh but being classy. 

Peachy Peach and floral. How much do I love flowers!!! I love that floral is in style for clothing and interior design. I thought this outfit was so cute and flirty.

I loved this color combo because it is fallish and reminds me of thanksgiving. Mustard, navy and brown are the perfect combo for mixing and matching and this dress can be spiced up with a ton of things like belts scarves or collars. Or add some pretty jewels and some classic heels and its a formal affair.

Fashion time...so this skirt was an almost buy for me when I was in London but I just couldn't decide but I still love it. I put it with some blue suede shoes;) and a few other fun things. Now I wish I had the outfit cause dang I would be cute at church!

So I decided I would add a bit of fashion to my blog because people always ask me about my style (which makes me laugh because my sister hates my style) but these are the things I am really liking right now. Leather jackets and black pointy heels and of course anything gold and geometric.

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