Jun 27, 2013

Bridal Pictures

Bridal pics are up! I wanted to do our bridals at the Villa where are reception was going to take place because I thought it would have a ton of variety and it had the garden look I wanted. It also gave a tuscan European feel which is totally me. Alixann Loosle did such a great job at catching the detail of everything. 


  1. Your pictures are beautiful, but it helps that the bride and groom are so good looking. We were so glad to be able to share your day with you and meet Tyler's family.

  2. Hi! I stumbled across your super wonderful blog on Pinterest...

    I'm looking for a dress very much like the one you have on in these photos. Would you mind telling me where you found it?

    1. Hi! I actually got it custom made by a local dressmaker, but It does have a similar style to the newer BHLDN dresses you could look at. Hope that helps a little. Also check out my new blog westendgirlblog.com, I will be posting more wedding stuff soon.


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