Jul 24, 2013



The unthinkable happened (which always does for some reason). I was well prepared and everything was perfect, too perfect. I called the floral shop to ask what time in the morning I could pick up the flowers and the worst thing happened. They said my flowers didn't come in and no one called me. I instantly started crying and sheer panic consumed me. I didn't know what to do and it was the day before the wedding. After a short freak out, the shop called back and said he would bring every pink and white flower he had and give it to me because of the mix up. I called Shawnee Hopkin (my hero) and was freaking out but she was calm and not worried. Thankfully he brought a good variety and I found a few peonies at another shop for my bouquet. In one day she made 1 bridal bouquet, 11 bridesmaid bouquets, 15 boutonnieres, 3 floral crowns, a couple corsages and a cake topper. I cannot thank her enough for her talents and busting out the most beautiful things.  She found a DIY tutorial on Pinterest to make the floral crown and it was absolutely stunning. This is the one she used. The tutorial is really well explained and easy to do.

I had another florist named Janalynn Kofford do all of the centerpieces so Shawnee wouldn't have to do so much and luckily they looked very similar. They both did such a great job I absolutely loved them. 

Dress: Shawna Shauers
Flowers: Shawnee Hopkin
Centerpiece Florals: Janalynn Kofford
Makeup: Lindsay West
Hair color & cut: Kim Taylor
Hair Style: Kirsten Kizerian

OTHER WEDDING STUFF:  Bridal Pictures     Bridal Video     Engagement Pictures

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