Jul 23, 2013



Tyler and I were fortunate enough to have a ton of the same friends since we lived in the same stake. His groomsmen were my really good guy friends and many of my bridesmaid were Ty's friends. It was seriously a party (our last Provo Allstar Party) haha. I felt very blessed to have all of my friends there with me. Two of my friends Lindsay West from Texas and Tempestt Turman from NYC flew out to be there. I can't even say how grateful I was to have the whole gang. 

My vision for the bridal party was to have everyone in something different but in the same colors. I passed out paint chips of the colors to each girl and said get whatever is you in these colors. In total I had 11 bridesmaids so I had a ton of variety. They were all so pretty and I think the bouquets were the perfect touch of a bit more color.

For the guys I wanted a similar thing. All gray slacks of any shade and Dark gray skinny ties. I wanted to get them something they can always wear thats nice and not so matchy. We got Tyler's suit custom from HM Cole and they made the ties too for a really good price. AND if you mention Tyler's name they will give you a discount!


Flowers: Shawnee Hopkin
Locations: The Villa Receptions 

OTHER WEDDING STUFF:  Bridal Pictures     Bridal Video     Engagement Pictures

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