Jul 16, 2013

White Dishes

My sweet Aunt Sue....pretty much the most giving person I know. Since the day we told her we were getting married, she began buying me gifts. I told her I love white dishes and she went crazy. The final count from her is three sets of white dishes along with trays, serving bowls, gravy dishes, Sugar dishes, platters and pretty much anything else that is white. I am set and sooooo excited to cook on them. She is so amazing and sweet and I know they will be beautiful in our little apartment. I am pretty sure they were from Bed Bath & Beyond & Tai Pan Trading.

White dishes can make any type of food look beautiful. Its a blank canvas to place an assortment of color. I love it, I am becoming a cook lately because of them. Its crazy what some cute dishes can do for you.

As I was looking on pinterest at white dishes I found some other amazing additions that would look fantastic in my cabinet as accents. Check the out.


  1. Kirsten do you have the exact link to the Zara gold tea set? I want it for my living room!


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