Jul 12, 2013

Music Mix: La Isla Bonita

I feel so tropical and fun. I seriously cannot wait for our honeymoon in August to Cabo baby! I have never been and I just want to lay on the hot sand and sip a pina colada. What a lovely life it will be for 2 whole weeks of my life. No work, just napping and snacks and my baby. Anywho, I made this fun mix with some tropical songs and some modern hits you may like. Enjoy!


1} La Isla Bonita - Madonna
2} Shake, Shake, Shake - Bronze Radio Return
3} Holidays Ft. Alan Palomo - Miami Horror
4} Instant Crush - Daft Punk, Julian Casablancas
5} Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood
6} Give Up - Great Elk
7} Yes My Dear - Inf
8} Fool of Me (feat. Chet Faker) - Say Lou Lou
9} Who You Gonna Run To? - Solid Gold
10} Feel This Way - Midnight Faces
11} The Love Club - Lorde
12} Five Seconds  - Twin Shadow
13} Do You Realize?? - The Flaming Lips
14} Nightdrive With You (Fear of the Tiger remix) - Anoraak

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