Jun 15, 2013

My Friends Businesses

I am seeing so many acquaintances and friends opening businesses that it makes me really excited. I thought I would blog about some of the new upcoming ideas and businesses around me.

1. Lavasurf

This is my soon to be husbands company. He is so excited and passionate about it that I love hearing all of the new tools they are developing. Lavasurf is a social media platform company. They consult, train and are in the works of developing some awesome tools that will take social media to the next level. Generating income from your social media is the goal and keeping it organized and efficient is the key. This company is going places :)

2. Talkr

This is my friend Jordan Blaser and her husbands company. It is targeted to those being bullied as a chat and listening tool. I think ideas like this can really change the world and I am proud of them for taking the time and effort to try and help change the world.

Lets get real, People Water has take then United States by storm when Jef Holm advertised it on the Bachelorette. But the real hype should be about what the company actually does. My friend and owner of the company, Cody Barker, a fun friendly and pumped to do service Chief Water Giver, has changed the world in a great way why doing something he loves and is good at. This company is similar to Toms shoes, they give water for water. Each year he travels to remote places of the world to build wells and give communities fresh drinking water, free of disease and pestilence. They have videos of their excursions that are great to watch and see the change they are making.

4. Forks

My friend Cole owns this company and I initially helped with the design. Its a great food app that basically has online punch cards and discounts for a ton of great restaurants. Download it and see if you like it!

My friend Rich started this company because he loves healthy eating and he takes pride in taking care of his body. He is such a nice guy and is so willing to help that I am not surprised he started this fun and inspiring company. They are currently working on the website so I am excited to see what happens when it is finished.

6. CrowdHall

This company is a forum created for anyone and everyone. You can ask business CEO's questions or celebs. Join a convo or start one it doesn't matter they are all great ways to learn and answer those questions you have always wanted to ask.

Business is fun and I love learning about it. I am so excited to see what else it in my neighborhood!

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  1. I just read this post! Thanks for the shout out! Congrats on the cute boy and the marriage!!!!! xoxo


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