Jun 14, 2013

The first text

Well the story begins with My 25th birthday party. I was walking to my party at the apartment complex next to where I lived and a guy across the street called out to me. (Some unclassy cat call of course), I kept walking because I didn't recognize him and went to my awesome party. He just so happened to come up to me at the party and claim the call. I was like ooh typical Provo All-star...over it. But he ended up asking me out and I accepted. We went on a date or two but I thought I had him figured so I really didn't even give him a chance. 

A year later we had become good friends and hung out with all the same people. Then we went out again but I thought we were just friends and thought nothing of it. Therefore nothing happened (oblivious). So finally, randomly we were at a church activity in November 2012, and we were chatting/flirting like usual and he busted out the ultimatum! He said Kirsten you have one month to go on a date with me, and after that I will never ask you out again. I laughed and brushed it off, (we were much too good of friends for that business). A week later I saw him again and he said "three weeks Kirst", my friends were surrounding me and I felt instascared. I thought "should I seriously think about this?". When I came home I had an intervention from my friends and roommates. They all told me I was crazy if I didn't give him a chance. He is the best guy and he is dead sexy. I about had a panic attack because I was so scared that we would ruin our friendship. Nevertheless I got the courage to text him "OK" then I threw my phone and hid in my blanket like a little kid.

The next two days until our date I was sick with nervousness. He was so patient and waited until I was ready to be normal. After only a few weeks I knew he was the one for me but I didn't tell him for a while (so he wouldn't freak out). The rest is history and I am so happy and excited that he for some random reason put that pressure on me and that my friends got the big picture long before I did. This is the text I sent him. So funny.

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  1. That is really super duper adorable. I love it!! I think the 'dead sexy' part made me laugh out loud. Y'all are too cute. Exciting events this week!!!


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