Jun 17, 2013

Him & Her

So I found this cute thing on several blogs. Golden Swank and Harley & Jane and so I thought it would be fun for me to do it with my lover. 

Him: 8:00 AM
Her: 6:00 AM

Him: Singing
Her: Piano

Him: Dessert 
Her: Dinner

Him: Snazzy Business man
Her: People Pleaser

Him: Love Language= Acts of service 
Her: Love Language= Words of Affirmation

Him: The Gym
Her: Thinking skinny

Him: Sports
Her: Design

Him: Playing outside
Her: Dinner and a Movie

Him: Storage Wars
Her: Downton Abbey

1 comment:

  1. thinking skinny. hahaha love that. but you're actually the skinniest little mini there ever was!! love you :)


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