May 14, 2013

Great Gatsby Fashion

Well I saw the movie and now I have a new favorite. It didn't get the best reviews from critics but the public pretty much loved. Leonardo is a dream of course and what I was even more inlove with was all the amazing sets. I seriously wanted to pause the whole movie at every angle to see all that was involved in the background. Every last detail was thought out and PAID for. It was the most expensive costume design in any movie ever made! I am going to be doing a series of posts on it because there is just so much to cover. First I am starting with the fashion!! Prada was involved so of course its fabulous and a few other designers.  Daisy also wore a 200 thousand dollar head piece made by Tiffany's and Co. Not only were the womens clothes amazing but the suits Gatsby wore we beautiful, especially his iconic white suit that Robert Redford coined in his version of the movies in the 70's. 

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