May 16, 2013

Great Gatsby Decor

So I was probably more obsessed with the set than the clothes or acting. The branding in the movie blew my mind. The floor, the gates, the door handles down to his ring and whatever other detail you could possible imagine. I was lucky enough to find some cool furniture and stuff that goes perfect. I also am sort of reposting this blog post I found cause it is bomb and it has more stuff than I have up. Most of the items are pretty expensive but there are a few from places like Anthropologie, West Elm and Target. Check em out.

Wall paper, Brown couch, gold utensils, lamp, side table, leather chairblue tufted sofa, gold chair

Patterns that are really art deco are things like geometric shapes as well as really organic patterns. We will be seeing tons of gold and black obviously but I also think anything tufted or velvet will be really big this year.

Also the Gatsby website lets you make your own custom initialed wallpaper. Thought I would throw that in for fun. This website has everything you could possibly want about The Great Gatsby.

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