May 14, 2013

Vikings Title sequence

                       VIKINGS OPENING TITLE SEQUENCE from Rama Allen on Vimeo.

The history channel has come out with a new show called VIKINGS, that has seriously blown my mind with the opening title sequence. Every detail of it flows together perfectly. I was reading up on the making of it and they actually chose the song first. Usually the music is the last thing or closer to the end but I think choosing the music first is what actually directed this piece. The underwater flow and the dark colors fits perfectly with the time period and of course the Vikings. Vikings were Pagans and so they believed in many Gods such as Odin and Loki, basically Thor's family. They discovered England in the west and raided and killed many people there. Anyway the titles are based on a Pagan Myth with the woman bringing the sailors down to sea. The studio is called the THEMILL+ , they have done things for the Oscars, Snow White and the Huntsman which was also fantastic.

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