Dec 2, 2013


I have realized over the years that having a "creative space" is very important for me to be inspired. I need things that interest me, that are colorful and accessible for me to get things out fast. I am also a very clean simple designer and I like simple beauty so not having a ton of clutter is a big deal.

Being creative has always been something that gives me passion for life. In any aspect of it whether it's problem solving, fashion, finding new ways of doing old things and especially trying to help people see their own talents. The most frustrating thing to me is when I see great potential in someone and they don't see it themselves. I think everyone has this problem in some part of their life but the best thing is that believing in yourself and knowing that God has given you, individually, special talents and gifts and finding a way to pursue them will help you feel fulfilled. Whatever you have to do, and wherever you can find your creative space, it's is worth it.

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