Nov 29, 2013


I am obsessed with anything BBC and so is my Aunt Suze. She recently introduced me to a new show that I feel guilty saying but its better than Downton, (well at least the third season). It is called THE PARADISE. It is about the first department store in England in the art nouveau fashion. There are many similarities to Downton but a shopping and business forward element added in which is so fun. Only one season is out but I think they are doing the second in Europe right now which is so exciting. I strongly recommend the show if you like period pieces. Denise and Mr. Moray are two of the most perfectly casted people. I love it!

I decided to design a book cover for the show to be more of a traditional medium in the style of the period. I wanted it to be very intricate but still look modern and fun. I sketched it up real quick so I could visualize what I wanted, I am really trying to implement this process in my work because it saves so much time in the exploration. My inspiration was from custom book covers by penguin classics and Jessica Hische. Let me know what you think.

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