Nov 8, 2013


Guess who's in the background…Not an American Idol but close, its Sister Dalton! ;)

The design was amazing, every detail was done beautifully

Ty and I had the opportunity to go to the UVU scholarship ball. It was the day after my sisters wedding so I didn't put much time (any time at all) into what I was going to wear and how to do my hair for the event ( which I regret because I was grossly underdressed). But it was really a great time. We met tons of people, the 7 course meal was fantastic and the program was amazing. They had students that have received the scholarship, speak and I learned so much about the needs of students in our community. I went to UVU and made my way through but there are so many students who need help. This was an eye opener for me and I am making a goal to someday fund a scholarship for one student.

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