Nov 5, 2013


So I love red, its my favourite color actually. Tis the season for red lips over and over. I don't wear lipstick that often but when I do its usually very bold. I couldn't get a cute pic of me with red lipstick so I had to use last years red lipstick pic. #selfie #4ofthesamepicsselfie. This lipstick I actually bought at walmart. I was desperate for some boldness and bought the cheapest one to test out, which actually is perfect for me since I only wear it occasionally. The brand is L.A Colors and the color is cherry red it was around $2. I put a layer of it on then put a clear gloss over for some shine, picture perfect, Muah.

My friend has an awesome makeup blog that is helping inspire me to do my makeup and try new things. Her name is Jade Baird and her blog is Kissable Complexions. It has grown so much over the last year. She does makeup for photo shoots and brides. Several of my friends have had their wedding makeup done by her. Her specialty is airbrush which makes your skin look flawless. Anywho, she has tons of tips and tricks to give yourself a sexy new look. I am sure she will do some red lipstick tutorials this winter that will help improve my luscious lips for my husband this season.

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