Sep 30, 2013


I am a nursery leader in my ward and I can't believe how much fun it is. The kids are so sweet and innocent and they teach me patience and kindness. I have begun to realize the importance of teaching them about Christ and letting them know who he is and that he cares about them individually. I have noticed that so many people in my life feel alone and have not been taught the importance of the Savior in their lives. These two year olds know so much about Jesus I was shocked. They knew he loved them and their parents and their brothers and sisters and their teachers...they are so sweet and I am grateful to their parents for teaching them. Hopefully when hard times come as they grow up, they will know they are not alone and that the Lord loves them.

Whenever I go to church I bring my sketchbook to write notes or doodle, ha. I decided to turn some of my doodles into free printables to put up in frames in your little kids rooms to help teach them. Enjoy:)


  1. Thank you! Printing! and I loved your sweet post. "Every time a child is born, the world is renewed in innocence" -Pres. Packer :)

  2. P.S. You should draw for the Friend or something. They're beautiful.

  3. Thank you! I am so glad you like them. That quote is beautiful and perfectly explains those sweet babies.


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