Sep 5, 2013



My birthday had come, like it does every year,
but this one was different, it came with a tear,

As I sat there I thought and I thought and I thought,
that something was different, the present I got,

It was not a flower, a party, or dress,
It was bigger and better, and definitely best,

It was not something to be carried around,
but much more simple, special, something profound,

It came to my mind like a whisper so sweet,
Then stayed there and changed me from my head to my feet,

My present was knowledge, of something so true,
I can do whatever I believe I can do,

I am a creator of all that I am,
for someone once said the mind is the man,

As the happy tear fell from my cheek to the floor,
I felt a renewed self and knew I had become more,

My life is different, unique and special,
My talents are given to fulfill my potential,

So during this special occasion this year,
The best gift I got came with one single tear

So I am the biggest nerd on the planet and I watch documentaries all the time while I work. I was really getting into the literary geniuses of the 20th century and decided to learn about the man we call Dr. Suess. We all know he was a great writer with a ton of wit and appeal to not only children but adults. He used imagination, repetition and simplicity to teach and create and therefore as my birthday came this year (the lovely age of 27), I decided to write a birthday poem in the style of Dr. Seuss and based on his last masterpiece, Oh the Place You'll Go

I have been thinking a ton about where I am going now that I have found my eternal companion and the journey we have ahead of us. Tyler and I are both dreamers and I love to live inside my head. I had an epiphany recently that lead me to have a renewed faith in myself and my future. I really do believe that we write our own story and I am going to write it the way I want.

- Love Kirst


  1. ok kirst. i absolutely loved that! even better that you wrote it. i am so profusely happy for YOUR happiness. you are such an incredible woman and i'm excited to see where life takes you. love you lots!! xoxoxo

  2. Haha thanks Jess. I love you and your cute haircut!

  3. Beautiful, Kirst! You are so talented!


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