Aug 25, 2013


I am soooo happy for my lil sis. She has waited so long for this marriage and now things are on a role. She just got her engagement pictures back from one of my friends Shaylee Burr. Shay did such an amazing job, I love them. Erica and Grant are very fun outdoors kind of people and the guitar is something that has a big place in their relationship so I loved that they used it. You might notice the lace dress, yep its one that I wore, we thought it was perfect and I actually think I like it better on her, haha. My sister looks so pretty and so happy and that is what makes this such a great photoshoot. For the full shoot click the link Shaylee Burr Photograpy.


  1. Such beautiful pictures!! I love how natural and happy they are! Question - where did she get that dress?? I love it!!

  2. Hello, we actually got that dress at a local boutique that was selling vintage clothing. Im pretty sure its from the 40's or 50's. Hope that helps.


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