Jul 8, 2013

Whats in My Bag

I was thinking about how much crap I usually have in my bags, as a girl we never have just one purse, we have different purses for every occasion and event and they all contain very different things. A fashion blogger and friend of mine, Tempestt Turman and I thought we should do a "what's in our bag" post filled with all the fun and girly necessities for this summer. Enjoy!

Purse: Forever21bag $27.80 // Me and this bag had love at first sight. I saw it across the store and if you know anything about me, you know gold anything is my weakness. It has a chain strap that you can tuck in or out. Love this bag. 

Pout Lip Gloss: Victorias Secret $9 // Tyler is obsessed with lip gloss so I never will ever have to buy any for the rest of my days. He stops in VS and buys me handfuls hoping I will wear it at every waking moment. Yessssss, love it.

Orbit Gum: $1.60 // This gum has such fun packaging, I don't really care much for the gum itself.

DKNY Purfume: $20 // This was a gift from a friend who is the Sephora Queen. I love it because it is small and has two scents for me to have last minute so I can always smell good.

USB Drive: Because I am a designer, a jump drive is a necessity. I never know if I need pictures from a friend or from my parents computer for something, or even printing a project while Im out and about. 

Vintage Earings: I always have a pair of cute earings in my purse because you never know when you might need a quick dress up. Instant dinner plans or your just feelin frumpy, a cute pair of studs can always add some spice. 

Sunglasses: Forever21 $5.80 // Tortoiseshell is so fun and totally in. I feel like I'm from the 60's everytime I wear them. Jackie O would be proud of me;)

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