Jul 9, 2013

DIY- Recovering a Chair

For my wedding I wanted to do a cute little table just for Ty and I, so I went to Deseret Industries and bought 2 cheap old chairs and decided I was going to have my way with them. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do but I knew I wanted to make them look pretty and be in my wedding colors. Gold, cream, and shades of blush. It was sooo easy, I was actually surprised and now I want to do it with all of the furniture I am decorating our apartment with. Woohoo party!

- Chairs
- About a yard of fabric
- 1 can spray paint
- Staple gun & hammer

1. Use a hammer to pop off the cushions or a drill to unscrew whatever is in there attaching the cushion to the chair.

2. Spray paint the chairs with the gold spray paint. Don't get too close or you will have drips. Try and spray evenly, you may need to do several layers.  I read that the Design Master brand was the best color and finish. I ended up loving it, its not too yellow and looks more realistic.

3. Get your fabric and lay your cushion in the center. Fold one side in and staple, then the opposite side and pull tight then staple. The do the same with the other two sides.

4. When you get to the corners do a series of folds or pleats and make sure you are always pulling tight so the cushion isn't baggy.

5. Cut off the excess of fabric about and inch from the staples.

6. Screw your seat cover back on the top and viola! You have a beautiful chair!!

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