Nov 24, 2012


This past week a friend lost her mother to ALS, a disease that slowly takes away your muscle control. I had the blessing of being able to attend her funeral. I thought it would be a very sad funeral because of the way she was lost but it ended up being quite the opposite. I was so touched with the remarks and outlooks on the family and close friends who spoke that I realized something so much more important than death, life...eternal life. I learned the greatness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the love that our Father in heaven has for us, that he would make it possible to have families be together forever. There was no sadness like the kind you see when it is over, completely over for some people, as if you would never see them again. It was gratitude for the time spent with such a wonderful person and the gift of eternal life and families.

I had learned a great lesson as I sat there witnessing these feelings that testified what life is all about, each other. One man spoke about WWJD what would Jesus do, he said the same thing about Janet. She  lived her life in a way that brought her closer to Christ and made her a true disciple of him. She was kind to all and just because she learned of her untimely death, she didn't have to change her way of living because she already lived that way. I am more than honored to write a blog post about her example and open-heartedness towards her brothers and sisters on this earth. God bless you and thank you for the lessons you have taught me Janet.


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