Nov 19, 2012


This week I was invited to my first official murder mystery dinner and the theme, murderers. We could be any type of killer and when we showed up, boy did we see the works. I'm gonna give props to the boys for being so darn creative. Aids, a female driver to name a few, then Jason Bourne and James Bond (for the lame guys who didn't really dress up). Only "The Fam" was invited (the people who went to San Diego) so it was a great reunion for us. Jordan and I dressed as Dracula's Brides which we came up with two hrs before so we were lucky to find vampire teeth in the nick of time and threw on some halloween stuff and we were good to go! I think the best part of the night aside from the food would have to be the fact that I ended up being the murderer! yeah baby..killer fo life! Alessandra did a great job on planning the event and it turned out quite a success.

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