Feb 23, 2012

ok ok its time

Ok so I decided I may as well write about my dating life since that basically the only thing besides relief society and design that I do in my life. So here I am sitting in my room thinking what do I really want in a guy?????? This questions seems to leave me flustered. I think maybe Im too picky because I can sit red flags and tool bags from a mile away, but then I think I am really open minded because I have dated every type of guy....so basically I'm a lost sheep in the field of dating. But because of this craziness I designed a dating chart to monitor my dating over the last 6 months. So I can see patterns and what the heck is going on in my life! After doing this, I decided I need a break from dating. Its too much work...literally


  1. bahaha im obsessed with this. you crack me up. you couldn't stop dating if you wanted to though because you can't keep the boys away! ;) love you beautiful girl!

  2. You beautiful little Kirst! This is why I love you. :) And your Valentines Day post made ma laugh. Hard. :) YOu deserve everything in your cute little jar, and you'll find it. Love you!!!!!!!!


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