Feb 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

I had a lovely surprise. Yesterday we had a combined Family Home Evening activity with my singles ward and there I met a lovely young man. Of course I was very skeptical when he asked me to be his Valentine because guys who do that are usually smooth talkers, so naturally I put him to the test. I told him maybe, so then he said, what do I have to do to prove that I am serious. (I took advantage of him) I said sweetly batting my eyelashes, you need to get down on one knee in front of allllll these people, and kiss my hand and ask me to be your Valentine. To my surprise he did it! I was laughing, how could I say no to that. So then he got my number and I am still very skeptical but he called me and I'm just waiting for him to come get me. It could be interesting....

.....I'm back. He was fun and sweet. He made me cover my eyes in the car so he could pull out my Valentine present. After some scruffling around he told me to open my eyes and there it was, a pink bow taped on his shirt, he was my Valentine present!! hahaha it was cute and funny. Gotta love Valentines Day.

I made this candy jar full of all the things I want in my man. We shall see if he comes to me this year. hehe

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