Oct 19, 2011

I am Nujood

I am Nujood,age ten and divorced.  I just finished reading this very inspiring book. I cant believe how brave she was. When she was ten years old the Yemeni little girl came home from school and was told that she would be getting married. Her parents had her drop out and marry a man of about 30 years old. He promised not to touch her until she hit puberty but he lied and she was raped and beaten. He took her to a tiny village far from her family so she couldn't run away. One day she had the opportunity and the courage to go to the courthouse and demand a divorce. She was the youngest person in the world to get a divorce. Later she was voted the Most influential women in the world by Glamour Magazine along with Hillary Clinton and Nicole Kidman. I am so proud of her. I felt like we could relate in a lot of ways but it took me ( a 21 year old) two years to get a divorce and I was so scared, I cant even imagine being ten and in a country where women had no rights. I am so grateful for her example and I know that God helped her escape that day. He watches out for all of us.

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