Jan 1, 2011

What a Crazy Begining...

So my body is completely crippled from my journey to my new apartment, my shoulders are sore, my arms feel like they are at least 5 inches longer and I can barely move my head because my neck muscles are killin me, not to mention my legs are twitching as I am writing from the excessive walking that I'm not used to doing. Despite my physical pain, (a few more times at the gym and I would have been prepared) I love this city.

My flight got delayed because of the huge storm in Utah so driving to the airport was pretty scary. When I finally landed in NYC my sweet roommate picked me up, but since the plane was late she was going to be late to her nanny job, so what did we do??? took all my suitcases to the house she was nannying at. We needed to drop off my stuff so we took the baby on a walk back to the apartment. So in total we had two roller suite cases, a baby stroller, and my camera bag, purse and laptop case. It was hilarious, people were laughing cause we looked like fools. Haha. Finally after several hours of pushing and pulling up stairs, down roads and on and off the subway we made it!!!! I walked into the cutest apartment I have ever seen. I am so lucky to have a great roommate with great style.


  1. YAY!! We are really happy for you, and very jealous! Have fun, we love NYC.

  2. Wahoo! It sounds like you are going to feel right at home! I am so happy for you! I am going to live my life through you. Okay? Okay!

  3. glad you made it safe! i miss you! ps..did you create that water color picture? i like it :)


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