Jan 1, 2011

The NEW year*

So new years eve I am walking down the street and this man in Harlem threatened to snowball me unless I told him Happy New Year. It was hilarious!!! This new year is such an adventure. I spent the night watching all the fireworks in time square out of a high rise apartment. Up till midnight I watched all the episodes of Jersey Shore(which I have never seen before) but quickly learned that my man needs abs like the situation, Snooki is a crazy chick with a bump-it and I never want to date a juicehead. It was more than enough entertainment for the night.

My first day of 2011:

To start out the new year My roommate and I decided to go to the Museum of Modern Art (moma). It was so inspiring to see Picasso, Seurat, Dechamp, Lichtenstein, Warhol and a bunch of other great artist.

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