Jan 1, 2014


My lifelong best friend got married this fall and I am so grateful I was able to help with her wedding. The story is a sweet and complicated one. She went on her mission to Chile and her Stake President knew she was the one for his son who was not in Chile at the time so they never had the chance to meet. When she returned to Utah he returned to Chile and only a few weeks later she went back with her family. They finally met and his Dad was right. Love at first sight. He moved here and learned English and the rest is history. It was such a fun wedding with mixed cultures and a lot of Spanish speaking. Luckily everyone in her family speaks spanish from their missions or taking it in school. The perfect edition. He is such a kind and loving person that I couldn't be more happy for her.

For her invitation (which there aren't really any good pictures of) she went all out. Lace and diamond studded buttons with gold paper and the elegance of a queen. She loved them and so did I. Her wedding was so much fun. Her brothers did a dance that was to die for and although it rained the entire day, the reception turned out quite beautiful in the chapel. All is well when love is in there air. The photography was done by Shaylee Burr Photography.

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  1. The pictures are all gorgeous! That is an adorable little love story and it looked like a beautiful wedding day; I hope they enjoy the rest of forever together


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