Dec 27, 2013


I love lists and I thought I would make a list of mormons in the media this year. There is something about seeing other members of the LDS church that makes me so proud. When I see talents being shared and overall good behavior I just
know that these people are doing their best to show the world what we stand for. Mormonism is truly the best thing that
has happened to me. I have a happy life, a good family that loves and appreciates me and a husband who is loyal and hard working. He understands the value of being the best he can be and helping others see it in themselves. Although no one is perfect I am proud of my fellow mormons who have received a few minutes of fame this year. Happy 2013!

Well I don't know if I need to make introductions to Mitt Romney but although he lost the election for President of the USA, he has still maintained class. A new documentary about him is coming out next month and it intimately shows the campaign from his perspective. I am very excited for this.

Famous for her twilight series, she didn't end her glory days with vampires and werewolves. Austenland, one of my favourite movies of the year was produced by her. It is clean and very funny and ties back to the 19th century (Jane Austen world).

So all the little girls in church were talking about this new mormon boy band and of course I had to check it out. I was pretty imppressed. Its cool to see a couple guys from your own back yard make the next NSYNC haha. They are available on itunes and spotify. My favourite song is called Runaway Heart which is equal to a Selena Gomez or The wanted type song.

A mormon band that made it through several rounds on the famous television show The Voice. They are a folk type band with a ton of character and seem to be doing rather well.

He has been in a number of little mormon movies but I think his most popular hit came out this year in The Saratov Approach. The film is about two mormon missionaries who were kidnapped in Russia in the 90's and held for ransom.
It got a pretty decent rating and I think I will have to see it!

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