Nov 16, 2013


I just became a Laurel Advisor in my church, which means I am in charge of the 16-18 year old girls. I instantly was nervous about how I was going to connect and if they would like me. I remember how fickle girls are at that age and everything is about being cool. There are so many people and things that affect your self-esteem and the way you look at life that it is hard to clean out the crap and just be happy. As I was on my way to our first activity I talked to my husband about it and his words of council were BE YOU. I thought, ya, I guess he is right, there is no one else I can be.

Learning more about the girls lead me to think that maybe they are a little better off than I thought. They are
very talented and they get along with all the other girls from 12+. They are pretty open-minded and have strong testimonies of Christ. Being raised in good families has taught them to be down to earth and believe in themselves.
I am really excited to work with them. It will be a great adventure.

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