Oct 21, 2013


Well I was sick this weekend and it was actually a good thing. I didn't work at all and I had time to watch the epic Gone with the Wind  one of my favs. Everytime I watch it I fall inlove with Vivien Leigh. She is such a beautiful face and her acting is amazing. She was so young when she got the role and from it she won tons of awards. Her skin was flawless and it made me way jeli. Clark Gable as her lover in the movie was equally as amazing/beautiful. He reminds me of Ty;)

They were such ladies and gentlemen. What a world it was in 1939 when this was made. I took some good notes from this in the way that I need to step up my lady game. Get ready a bit more and be more appropriate. Check out the movie if you have a good 5 hours, its a long one.

Here is a short clip

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