Sep 28, 2013


I am freaking out! There is a new Romeo and Juliet coming out! I absolutely love Shakespeare and the 
love story of Romeo and Juliet best. The first one with Leo blew my mind with the creativity of the art
 acting was awesome but now this one has one of my favorite actors named Douglas Booth, he is definitely 
a star to watch out for. I first saw him in Charles Dickens, Great Expectations series on Netflix and it quickly became one of my favs. 

This version seems like a period piece with beautiful moments and music as well as the costumes and 
camera compositions. Juliet is the girl from True Grit all grown up named Hailee Steinfeld, and the best 
part is that Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) is the Capulet! I seriously cannot wait to see this. The link below 
is one of the songs from the soundtrack. I added my favorite song from the Leo version also. The movie 
comes out October 11 in the US.

(old) Desiree - Kissing You

(new) Zola Jesus - Skin

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