Sep 26, 2013


Ok I am a Jane Austen fan but not a crazy one. I love pride and prejudice (as every girl does) but I couldn't help myself when I went to the movie Austenland, to love her even more.

As I watched the movie I had to compare the characters of each Mr. Darcy and give them a ranking in my opinion of who was the best for the role. 3 is Collin Firth, what a great actor but lets get real, he is a bit too old for me so he gets third place. 2 is Matthew McFayden, absolutley love him in the most recent rendition of the movie but he's not quite hot enough for me. Which makes my number 1, JJ Field. I love him (not as much as my husband of course). Who knew this guy was the sexy, appropriate and perfectly mysterious Mr. Darcy. If he had the chance to play the real Mr. Darcy, I am confident he would do an awesome job.

The movie is funny and clean and full of love. So I pretty much love this movie and I would say to any Austen fan that they have to go to this quirky comedy and see another beautiful portrayal of the dreamy man. Woohoo!


  1. Watch Northanger Abbey - JJ plays the hero in a Jane Austen adaptation. IT'S AMAZING.

    1. Ooh thanks for sharing. I will be watching that for sure!


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