Sep 11, 2013


Cabo...What can I say about the beautiful glorious Cabo San Lucas. Well we were there for two weeks in the land of luxury. I don't think I have ever been so spoiled in my life. The first week was our honeymoon and the second was the Kizerian family vacation. We did everything from four-wheeling to zip-lining and kayaking across the ocean to lovers beach. I felt like I was a Queen, always drinking my pina coladas (virgin of course) and reading on the private beach. Wow, words can't explain the gratitude I have for my in-laws for taking such good care of us. Club Cascadas had awesome service and amazing massages. Even more important was the time I had to get to know my new family better. Being in a house for 7 days together was a perfect way to quickly get to know the great people I am now related to. I am amazed at the passion and smarts these people have. I got lucky...really lucky;)


  1. You two are the most beautiful couple!!! SERIOUSLY!!

  2. haha thanks! The credit goes to Ty, he is a pretty man!


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