Aug 15, 2013

Make me a Bird

I feel like I am finding so many gems lately. Its feast or famine when it comes to music sometimes but right now is feast. Here is a good mix a cool different songs. Happy Summer!


1 Make me a Bird - Elektrik People
2 Wildest Moments- Jesse Ware
3 Love is all I got - Feed Me, Crystal Fighters
4 Warrior - Foxes
5 Float - Pacific Air
6 Dreamers- Savoir Adore
7 Original Sin - Geographer
8 Spotlight - Leagues
9 1996 - The Wambats
10 Tears for Animals - CocoRosie
11 Ghost - Sir Sly
12 Los Feeling - Visitor
13 Amor Fati- Washed Out
14 Line of Fire - Junnip

1 comment:

  1. Yay! I am glad you are liking some of the songs I sent you, and thanks for the new ones sissy!! I will check some of these out. Love you!


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