Aug 6, 2013

Cabin Fever

Last weekend we were invited to go on a quick cabin trip for a nice Boyd family getaway. The Boyd's are Tyler's, brothers, wife Ciera's family. We went on a beautiful hike and I was loving every photographic moment of it. As you can see, I took a million pictures. There were butterflies everywhere, it was heaven. 

The highlight of the trip was cabin church. I had never had a sacrament meeting not in a church house so it was a special experience for me. The church was too far away and so all the local cabin people gather in one place and have a little meeting. I loved every minute of it and the spirit was so strong. Two younger boys passed the sacrament and then we had testimony meeting. It reminded me of the pioneers having church in very similar circumstances. By the end we were all crying and filled with love. What a great little retreat for some spiritual uplifting for the next week.

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