Jun 30, 2013

Im obsessed with my Husby

Holy Crap I'm obsessed with my Husby. Since we got married I feel like I live in a dream. Tyler Kizerian is the sweetest person to me. He is so thoughtful and kind (which I knew before) but I feel like our love is so much stronger through the commitment of marriage. He even takes pictures of me outside of Ikea when he likes my outfit! The greatest thing to me is that he is the same person I dated. Nothing has changed and no cats out of the bag. It brings so much security and peace to me that I am so much more appreciative of him and the person he is. It is so much easier to overlook his weaknesses because I feel like I can trust him and depend on him. I am so happy, I love my husband...this is how marriage should be.


  1. So happy for you Kirst!! Congratulations again :)

  2. You deserve only the best, and i'm so happy you found it! I love your style by the way :)


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