May 6, 2013

wedding inspiration

So from the beginning I had a vision. I wanted the midsummer nights dream look to my wedding. Candle light, and trees everywhere. The moon on a warm summer night and the feeling like you were in a beautiful almost Lord of the Rings Elvish land place. Not quite that literal but more wedding vintagish, which I am really liking. Here is a little mood board of the look and feel of my wedding as well as my wedding board on pinterest. The most important part of my wedding is the trees. It took me forever to find a place that was covered with trees so I could hang chandeliers in them. I finally found this old pear orchard with an awesome tuscan house on the property. It will be perfect for my vision. I want soft colors and mostly natural beauty. Not a ton of decoration.

1 comment:

  1. where did you find a pear orchard??? sounds divine!


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