Mar 17, 2013

Red Dress

Its actually red orange but I wanted to wear something bright and fun this sunday to church and do a few pics of me and Ty. We went to the Banana Republic outlets, which I have been SO over that place for a while because they have been a little boring with their style, but last night everything was 40% off so I  had to find some stuff I liked and I did. I bought a few new dresses like the one in these pictures for like 15 dollars! And two jackets. It was an awesome shopping experience, its like who doesn't love a good deal right?!  I tried to do my hair 1940's with the red lipstick and all that jazz but the wind was blowing so hard it didn't look quite right. Next time I'll do it and have a better photoshoot. Kisses to Ty XXXXXXXxxxx I had to get good use out of my red lips;)

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