Mar 25, 2013

OZ the Great & Powerful

OZ the great and Powerful movie was visually inspiring. I couldn't help but notice the amazing artistic detail it showed in every aspect of creation. Not only was the opening credits absolutely stunning but the style authenticity was stunning. I also found another style adaptation that wasn't chosen but equally cool. Title Sequence 2

Two awesome observations I made were first, how the Emerald City was totally Art Deco ( 1920's style) and how Glenda's palace was Art Nouveau Style in about 1890-1910.  These are two of my favorite styles. They are becoming so trendy right now with The Great Gatsby coming out, which I have been waiting forever to come out...its killing me. Anyway, I never thought I would be able to use fonts from these periods (since they aren't so stylish and useful) nevertheless I found the opportunity and I thought I would share them, and the best part is that they are free!

FREE FONTS 1. znikomitno24   2. Desdemona   3. campanile

FREE FONTS 1. raconteur-nf    2. Grenadier-NF   3. Park-lane

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