Jan 19, 2013


Well my dream job came to me on a platter, just like Tyler did. Heavenly Father loves me so much and blesses me when I am obedient. I am so happy, its like everything is working out so perfectly.

One of the top design firms in Utah, Axis41 asked me to interview for a design position and I got the job. I started this week and so far its been great. Everyone is so nice and helpful and friendly. I am very excited to be somewhere that design is really appreciated and being around creatives all day is the best! Love my life.


  1. so so happy for you!!! the job sounds dreamy!

  2. I think I'm hormonal or something, because everything is making me so teary eyed today! haha! But I read this and thought, "Who's Tyler??" So like a stalker I had to find out, and then read your bottom post, and then my heat got all mushy and I am just so happy for you!!!! You're such a great example to me, and I think you deserve every ounce of happiness you're getting! You deserve it!!!

  3. Thank you so much, I am so grateful for your sweetness. I would stalk him too if I were you, I'll just have to post more pics of us;)


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