Dec 27, 2012


This christmas has been such a great time to be with family and friends and enjoy "people" not "things". I honestly don't feel like anyone I am with even care about things.

I am in Canada because both of my parents are Canadian and therefore all of my relatives are canucks! Haha everyone makes fun of me but going to the hamlet of Welling and the villiage of Barnwell in a Province called Alberta makes me feel like I am experiencing the true meaning of Christmas.

As I was in church this sunday in Welling, an elderly woman got up to speak during the Christmas program. She talked about the 12 days of Christmas and what they symbolize. She talked about how everything leads to Christ and how helping others can change their lives. She shared a story that happened in 1927 here in Canada.

Next was Relief Society, honestly I was wondering how it would go because there are so many older women and I am used to exciting lively meetings in my singles ward. The lesson began and the topic was trials. The teacher asked the same elderly woman who had spoken in sacrament meeting to share her trial from many years ago. She got up and what came out of her mouth shocked me. She spoke of her daughter of 22 who went to the laundramat one night and was abducted and murdered. My mother was friends with her at the time and was so terrified she slept with her parents for a while after. I was thinking of the trials I have been through and how they don't even compare to something like that. The spirit was so strong because of the greatness of the woman's suffering and the fact that she had forgiven the man who had done it.

Christmas in Canada has truly been a gift. From the dinners and small moments with those that I love, to watching my little nephew walk and try to talk. Every second of this Christmas season has been a blessing and I am thankful.

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