Nov 7, 2012


Scotland is one of the most beautifully romantique looking cities I have ever been. It is the epitome of romanticism art. The landscape is so green and beautiful that I had to post a ton of pictures. This is Edinburgh one of the main cities. We flew in on a tiny plane and the city is so small we walked the whole thing. The hikes were easy and everything cool is on the "royal mile" from castle to castle with everything in-between including the cobble stone roads. I loved everything about this place. It was a dream come true.

1- The Scott Monument was one of the most breathtaking things on the skyline. Erica and I hiked to the top where only two people could fit.
2- Shopping wasn't very good ( there's practically nothing) but we found some cool trinity rings from the street vendors for cheap. The little shops were cool to look at and had little crafts and old trinquetes.
3- The castle was amazing, its so old and so many battles took place there. They even found treasure locked in one of the old rooms that was rediscovered in 1818. The views from Everywhere we amazing.
4- The Graveyard was a short hike up and was filled with little houses for families to bury their dead. It was such a cool secret place we stumbled upon.

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  1. Love seeing your trip highlights! I especially love the moss on the tombstone.
    Kerri -


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