Oct 16, 2012


I realized the other day that I'm a nerd. A big one;) I like weird things that developers and white personalities usually like( but I am neither ) so I decided to sit down and list all those weird things about me.

1. I love Lord of the Rings and have been waiting for the Hobbit to come out for YEARS!
2. I follow Peter Jackson on facebook (the director of Lord of the Rings)
3. I have thick glasses, not just for style but because I am blind
4. I watch documentaries for fun in my spare time
5. I listen to classical music all the time
6. I spend money on history books
7. 18/24 hours of my life are spent on the computer each day
8. I'm obsessed with statistics
9. I can name the fonts in movies and commercials
10. Last but definitely not least, one of my absolute favorite hobbies is googling. Seriously I get excited about finding things to google. My sister and I get together and have google parties for all the questions we have been thinking about all week. (AKA Fun Fact Friday)

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