May 25, 2012

My First Copper Ingot

Oh happy day! I was so stressed out trying to find the Masonic Temple in SLC looking for this dang AIGA top 100 awards show. No matter how good the instructions are...I can never find the place I'm going( its a syndrome). Anyways I was about to go home because I was already 30min late and then I found it out of the Lords grace. I ran inside just as they started. Apparently there were 10 awards out of the 100, 3 were awarded to students and 7 to professionals. I was really hoping that someone from UVU would win so we could be competitive in the design world in Utah. The first award went to a very talented student in my class named Cory Crouch  He is good at everything and I was not surprised at all.  Then they called out the second one...I sat there and then I realized it was me!!!! I stood up shaking and completely shocked! Yayhoo. Two of the three student awards went to UVU, I was so proud for our school. The rest of the night was awesome, I met professionals and studio owners and it was a dream come true. I can't believe I have been so blessed. The Lord love me:)


  1. oh my GOSH! that is soooo awesome!! Congrats!!!

  2. yayyyyyyyyyyyyy! you tha best. love you and congrats! :)

  3. you are soooo talented!! Love you!


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